what is freak bros pizza?

we don't just make pizza, we make edible art.

Our pizza artists are taught that the dough is a blank canvas for them to create a uniquely delicious pie for another awesome human being to appreciate and enjoy.

Our goal is for you to leave feeling nourished body, mind, and soul.

Here are a few things that make our pizza special…

Oven used for Freak Bros Catering Outdoors Wood Fired Pizza
Freak Bros Wood Fired Brick oven for Catering


Our shop at The Churchill uses a new technology 100% electric oven built by 3rd generation Italian pizza oven makers that mimics a wood-fired pizza experience with its high heat and traditional brick floor!

We burn pecan wood in a mobile brick wood-fired oven built by a local artisan here in Phoenix. Our ovens will reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or more, which does some seriously delicious alchemy to our pizza.

Kneading our fresh organic pizza dough

Our Dough

We make our dough fresh daily, using 100% organic “type 00” pizza flour, sea salt, water, yeast, and a dash of organic olive oil.

Our flour is sourced from Central Milling, a forward-thinking Utah-based company that’s been innovating since 1867 and following sustainable farming practices before it was the cool thing to do.

For our gluten-free friends, we offer delicious gluten-free crusts from No-Knead Bakery. This is likely the best gluten-free crust you’ve ever tasted.

Topping a pizza with our fresh ingredients

Our Ingredients

We choose organic produce and natural meats whenever feasible, as we care about what we put into our bodies and are willing to invest in good health.

We can also make any pizza on our menu vegan, dairy-free, or meat-free with our selection of mock meats and cheeses.

We offer the highest quality available vegan cheeses and meats on the market and are constantly on the search for better products. Some of the brands we use include Myokos, Quorn, Fluffy Vegans, Sweet Earth, Cacique. Our vegan pesto is made in-house.

Topping a pizza with our !00% whole milk mozzarella cheese.

Our Cheeses

We use Galbani 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese. It’s one of the most well known and highly regarded cheese brands in Italy, and it perfectly melts the rest of our ingredients together into a flavor symphony.

For our vegan and dairy-free friends, we also offer Miyokos brand new cashew-based pizza cheese that is the closest thing to real cheese we’ve tasted…ever!!

For those with cashew allergies we still have Daiya cheese (the NEW formula, which is much improved) available as an allergen-free option upon request.

Topping our pizza with tomato sauce.

Our Sauce

We use a simple, high quality crushed tomato sauce from Sogno Toscano, an inspiring Italian food brand, with a dash of sea salt, oregano, garlic and organic olive oil added.

The tomatoes used in our sauce are grown in what many consider the best tomato growing region in Italy, and they’re even VPN certified, which means it’s the kind of sauce you’ll find in high-end traditional Italian wood-fired pizzerias in Italy.


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